Making an introduction by About an Excellent Delivery!

The reason for an Introduction is to be Seen, Found and Remembered!

An introduction is Breaking the Ice, familiarity brings a level of calmness and opens doors. Our delivery is an introduction, not a sales call, and will leave a positive, intriguing impression. Have you ever turned away a delivery?

I have developed a unique system that makes the delivery, introducing you and then when five follow-ups we do are done, I guarantee name recognition. The follow-up schedule is done over a month’s time and will make five touches. The ways are diverse to increase the recipient’s acceptance.

If you truly have a product or service that could benefit the recipient,  and you use us for introduction and follow-ups, I will guarantee name recognition by your target company when they are a fit for you.

Owning a promotional product business for over 24 years and acquiring a Certification and Master of Advertising Specialties certificates, I have helped companies with unique leave behinds, incentives, motivation, recognition and now research and delivery.

Contact us today at,  Text or call 847-912-9535, ask for Buzz


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