Who, has enough time?

Two many things to do at the same time? Here’s a solution, pick the one that’s the least attractive and I will do it for you.

Sometimes people have two places to be, one where they need to be, but can’t, or don’t want to be, at an important event, obligation or meeting;  I will be at the other one for you.

I have spent over 23 years cold calling, going to networking events and working tradeshows, so I don’t let people, places or pressure, phase me and can be your representative for the day!

I perform a physical appearance, I am cordial, respectful, polite and smile, or if you need me to be stern, I can be that also.

I learned many years ago that your business or life is your’s and your’s only, so anything discussed, planned or done stay’s between us.

Call today and free up some time. 847-912-9535  aboutex1@comcast.net

Warren Buzz Priemann

“Put a Buzz in your business and life.”

Making an introduction by About an Excellent Delivery!

The reason for an Introduction is to be Seen, Found and Remembered!

An introduction is Breaking the Ice, familiarity brings a level of calmness and opens doors. Our delivery is an introduction, not a sales call, and will leave a positive, intriguing impression. Have you ever turned away a delivery?

I have developed a unique system that makes the delivery, introducing you and then when five follow-ups we do are done, I guarantee name recognition. The follow-up schedule is done over a month’s time and will make five touches. The ways are diverse to increase the recipient’s acceptance.

If you truly have a product or service that could benefit the recipient,  and you use us for introduction and follow-ups, I will guarantee name recognition by your target company when they are a fit for you.

Owning a promotional product business for over 24 years and acquiring a Certification and Master of Advertising Specialties certificates, I have helped companies with unique leave behinds, incentives, motivation, recognition and now research and delivery.

Contact us today at, buzz@aboutexcellence.com  Text or call 847-912-9535, ask for Buzz