Brand Ambassador with Guarantee!

I have been a Brand Ambassador for about ten years now and worked around other Ambassadors,  and I know I will get results. I come from a sales background for over twenty-five years, and I am a people person, which is why I guarantee my work!

I am competitive by nature and entering into the Six-County Senior Games 7/7/20 to 7/20/20 sponsored by Addison Park District. I have the same mentality at work. Never let a potential client go by without talking about my product.  Love smiling and talking, so being a BA was made for me.

My rates are reasonable and there is no middle man so you will get the best of my desire and tenacity,  both needed to be good at this job.

Contact me at or call at 847-912-9535


Who, has enough time?

Two many things to do at the same time? Here’s a solution, pick the one that’s the least attractive and I will do it for you.

Sometimes people have two places to be, one where they need to be, but can’t, or don’t want to be, at an important event, obligation or meeting;  I will be at the other one for you.

I have spent over 23 years cold calling, going to networking events and working tradeshows, so I don’t let people, places or pressure, phase me and can be your representative for the day!

I perform a physical appearance, I am cordial, respectful, polite and smile, or if you need me to be stern, I can be that also.

I learned many years ago that your business or life is your’s and your’s only, so anything discussed, planned or done stay’s between us.

Call today and free up some time. 847-912-9535

Warren Buzz Priemann

“Put a Buzz in your business and life.”